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Maintenance methods for common failures of small tofu machines

In addition to manufacturing quality, scientific use, careful maintenance and correct maintenance are all reliable ways and methods to maintain the small tofu machine in good operating condition, reduce machine failure rates, increase machine service life, improve machine production quality and production economic benefits, However, it is understood that in the maintenance management of tofu machines, many units are still slightly inadequate, which undoubtedly greatly hinders the improvement of production efficiency. In view of this situation, this article pays special attention to the correct maintenance methods of common failures and related attention A brief summary of the matters is provided for your reference.

(1) Common fault maintenance methods

  1. The whole machine is beating

Possible reasons: the separation frame is unbalanced or the installation deviation is large; the grinding wheel is uneven; the cutting is uneven.

Remedy: Remove the reloading and clear the unevenness; Founder grinding wheel, the upper and lower grinding wheels of the tofu machine should be in contact with more than 95%; mix the cutting and water flow.

  2. The refiner is not operating normally

Possible reasons: the material is hard; the cutting is fast; the voltage is unstable; the power cord is thin.

Remedy: Immerse without hard core; slow down the feed and water flow; avoid the peak period of power consumption or install a voltage stabilizer; replace the power cord of the small tofu machine as required.

  3. Low output

Possible causes: small water flow; serious wear of the grinding wheel; the gap between the upper and lower grinding wheels is too small; the material viscosity is large.

Remedy: Strengthen the water flow; replace the grinding wheel; adjust the gap; wash the soybean material with water, soak it to make the water temperature less than 50 degrees Celsius

  4. Coarse slag with watercress

Possible reasons: the gap between the grinding wheels is too large; the upper and lower grinding wheels are not parallel; the grinding wheel is loose and damaged.

Remedy: adjust the clearance of the grinding wheel; add water to grind the grinding wheel; tighten or replace the grinding wheel.

  5. Motor leakage

Possible cause: The motor has entered the water.

Remedy: Check whether the waterproof cover of the motor of the tofu machine has fallen off; the parts of the equipment with the motor cannot be washed with water.

  6. With slurry in the slag

Possible causes: The filter is clogged; the water flow is too large or too small.

Remedy: clean the filter; adjust the water flow appropriately.

  7. Slag in the pulp

Possible cause: The filter is damaged.

Remedy: replace the small tofu machine filter.