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The maintenance work of the oil skin machine is very important

When using the yuba bean oil machine for oil skin production, we hope you can remember to maintain the equipment regularly during use, because after all, the daily workload is very large, so in order to ensure the stability of each component Periodic maintenance work is still very important. You can find out the specific maintenance methods below.


  1 Season maintenance: The main content is to replace the lubricating oil and fuel oil in the suitable season, take anti-freezing measures, add anti-freezing facilities, etc., organized by the user department, and inspected and supervised by the operation monitor.

  2 Maintenance during the running-in period: After the running-in period of the new machine and the overhauled oil skin machine is completed, the running-in period maintenance is required. The main content is cleaning, tightening, adjusting and replacing the lubricant, which is completed by the user department. Inspection by the asset manager and supervision by the asset management department.

  3, transfer and maintenance: equipment should be transferred and maintained before transfer to the construction site. The operation content can be maintained according to the technical status of the machine, and corrosion can be carried out when necessary. The transfer and maintenance are organized and implemented by the machine removal unit. Check by the administrator and supervise by the Asset Management Department.

  4, parking and maintenance: decommissioning and storage machinery should be maintained, mainly for cleaning, anti-corrosion, moisture-proof, etc. The inventory machinery is entrusted to maintenance by the asset management department, and the rest is maintained by the use department.

  5 Normally, before we use it, we must first check whether the accessories of the equipment are loose, and if so, they must be tightened in time, so as to avoid accidents during the production process.

  6. Always remember to apply lubricating oil to prevent it from turning, and after the production of yuba oil skin, you should clean it and clean the remaining residue inside, so as to ensure the sanitation of the equipment, and also To increase the service life of the equipment, pay attention to the cleaning of the equipment surface, and daily maintenance is very important.

I do n’t know, through our detailed introduction, do you have some new understanding of the maintenance method of the oil skin machine? If our sharing provides corresponding help for you, please continue to pay attention to our website, we will share more exciting news for you later, thank you for your support.