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Imitation handmade bean hull machine combines the advantages of the old machine

Tofu skin is a common soy product that we often eat in our daily life. It is a well-sold product in farmers' markets, supermarkets, small shops, restaurants, etc. Because of its high nutritional value and convenient and fast use, the market demand is large . However, most of the tofu skins currently on the market are produced by hand workshops. Hand-made tofu skins not only have a slow operation speed, low output, and troublesome production. The tofu skins produced are not uniform in appearance, different in thickness, and have poor sanitary conditions. Yield and quality.

Based on the original old-style tofu skin machine, the imitation hand-made bean skin machine combines the advantages of the two machines into one, and realizes the functions of automatic brain training, brain training, double-layer paving, large-volume production, and guarantee. The quality of the product has also increased the output.

The hand-made bean hull machine includes a support, a conveying device is provided on the support, a brain feeding device and a spreading device are provided above the front of the conveying device, and a collecting device is provided below the rear end of the conveying device. The utility model is characterized in that the slurry barrel and the barrel are connected by a pipeline, a brain pump is arranged on the pipeline, a brain beater is arranged in the barrel, and a shaper is arranged under the barrel outlet; the conveying device comprises a trolley, which is provided on the trolley Conveyor belt and power device, wheels are provided under the trolley, and the trolley is movably connected with the bracket; the spreading device is located on both sides of the barrel, including the cloth and rollers; the collection device includes a box sleeve, and the box sleeve is provided with a lifting device for lifting The device is provided with a pallet.

The power device is fixed on the trolley, including the power roller under the conveyor belt, and the power roller is provided with a sprocket X, and in front of the sprocket X, a sprocket Y and a sprocket Z, a sprocket X and a sprocket are sequentially arranged on the cart There is a sprocket W above the Y, and the sprocket W is connected to the power motor, where the sprocket Y is a double sprocket, between the sprocket Y and the sprocket Z, and the sprocket X, sprocket Y and sprocket W Linked by chains.