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How to choose a good imitation handmade bean hull machine?

Customers who invest in soy products machinery and equipment are generally between 25-50 years old. At this age, they are relatively stable and mature, and many factors are considered when purchasing equipment. However, they areImitation handmade bean hull machineThe understanding can not make them buy a good product.

You do n’t know anything about the imitation handmade bean hull machine, so during the purchase process, you do n’t know some situations, problems, parameters, or what terms the seller often says. However, if you can find a good seller, I am afraid that you will choose some dealers, not only do not understand the machine, but also nonsense. As a result, customers bought imitation handmade bean hull machines at high prices, which was a waste of iron after returning home. Today, the editor of Qingzhou Jinfuwang Food Machinery Co., Ltd. will explain to you the components of our products.

  1. Stainless steel spot bucket

Equipped with stepless speed regulation electronic automatic control brain stirring, brain breaking motor, and electronic automatic brain suction, automatic control of flow pump flow, control production speed and output.

  2. Button host

The main unit is 1. 5 meters, all stainless steel, short body, space saving, suitable for supermarket, shopping mall, control panel button operation, easy to use

  3. Pneumatic press

The pressing time and the upper and lower pressures can be set automatically or adjusted manually according to your needs

  4. Peeling machine

The friction of the rolling brush of the stripper removes the cover cloth and the bottom cloth. The dried tofu is removed with the roller brush, and the finished product is finished by ticking.

To buy things, or this kind of money-making machine, depends on the strength and scale of the manufacturer. Look at pre-sale, in-sale and after-sales service. Not to mention spending a few hundred yuan, even if you spend an extra 1-2 thousand yuan, you have to buy the company's supply. After spending so much money, do you still care about these 1-2 thousand? At least one can be used with confidence. In order to spend less than two thousand yuan, the dealer will disappear afterwards. Who will maintain your machine?

Warm reminder: to buy imitation handmade bean hull machine, you need to check, sign a purchase contract, ask for invoices, etc.

Qingzhou Jinfuwang Food Machinery Co., Ltd. has excellent machine selection, meticulous workmanship and attention to customer quality. There are operators who can provide operation training. Different models can be customized according to customer requirements. The after-sales service is relatively complete and can provide you with satisfactory service.