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How to choose an appropriate small tofu machine

At present, many soybean processing equipments are emerging on the market. When purchasing equipment, many customers often fall into price misunderstandings. Either they are greedy for cheap or feel expensive. The above two concepts are wrong. So how should we choose an appropriate small tofu machine? In response to this problem, let's share some methods for you.

①Choose manufacturers with high quality assurance

There are too many manufacturers now. When purchasing, we must compare the quality and after-sales service of each manufacturer and the company's credibility. We must not affect the future production and use because of the coveted small price.

②Purchase according to output

Different models of small tofu machines are aimed at different users. We should choose tofu machines according to the output characteristics, and use suitable equipment to make the materials more fully processed and utilized.

③The production process is better

To produce good tofu products, the manufacturing process is very important, and this includes materials, technology and other aspects. At this time, the machine should be strong and practical, and it will not affect normal production. Good tofu machine manufacturers have many years of experience in mechanical processing and production, and there are technicians who have experienced several upgrades and have made technical progress. Moreover, tofu machines made of stainless steel are often more robust and clean.

④The after-sales service of the manufacturer is also very important

Good tofu machine manufacturers need good after-sales service to serve customers for later use. Some manufacturers put the key to their own business on the sale of small tofu machines, and they often ignore the products they sell, so they should choose carefully.