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Automatic tofu machine-small investment and big return

In recent years, the soybean product industry has developed rapidly. With the improvement of living standards and the acceleration of life rhythm, modern people's demand for food has begun to develop in the direction of nutrition, health, safety, deliciousness, convenience, etc., nutrition and health, good taste beans The development prospects of products are getting wider and wider.

At present, the industrialization of China ’s soy products market is constantly upgrading, the industry is booming, the market is continuously expanding, the variety continues to increase, and the quality is steadily improving. China ’s current variety of soybean products has grown from the original tofu, soy milk and other varieties Breeds, the development speed is quite fast.

But when it comes to soy products that are popular among the people, we still need tofu and dried tofu. Tofu and dried tofu are traditional Chinese cuisine. With the development of social science and technology, the practice is more and more diverse. Dried tofu, grilling dried tofu skewers and dried tofu in the barbecue in summer, they can always be seen on the dining table at home in spring, summer, autumn and winter.

Therefore, there is no off-peak season in the soy products industry. It is a good time to sell tofu and dried tofu throughout the year. In the north, in winter, you can take the tofu outside to make it into frozen tofu. Dishes, delicious, nutritious and healthy, are indispensable dishes on the Northeast table.

Now it is very simple to start soy products business. One set of refiner, one set of cooking pot with environmentally friendly boiler, one set of automatic tofu machine, one set of dry tofu machine can start your own soy products business. Changqinglong Vacuum Suction Soybean Refiner has a direct pulp separation and high pulping rate. The ground soybean can be directly cooked.

The convenient and fast automatic tofu machine can be operated by one person, and can make two or more plates of tofu at the same time. Changqinglong tofu machine is divided into two types: pneumatic pressing and physical pressing. It is very simple to make tofu. The automatic machine operation allows The hard bean industry has become a good project to get rich.