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Give you a reason to choose a dry tofu machine

With the continuous development of the soybean product industry, many small soybean product equipment factories have appeared in the market, and the quality is not guaranteed, the crude is manufactured indiscriminately, the price is cheap and there is no after-sale guarantee, and it does not have a long-term nature. It is good to buy dried tofu machine, large soybean product equipment manufacturers to buy

Soy products equipment adopts numerical control control program in traditional soy products processing, one-click realization of high-tech process technology such as wash and grind, high-speed cooking, high-temperature sterilization, air pressure forming, so that the nutritional content of "soybean" Retain, effectively prevent the destruction of soy milk protein.

It has changed the phenomenon of burnt taste, bitter taste, astringency and beany taste caused by the long and low temperature cooking used in the current market, so that the nutritional value of soybean milk is higher, and the color and fragrance of soybean milk are more complete. With soy products equipment, everyone can operate as a boss by going home.

The equipment of automatic dry bean curd machine is made of stainless steel. The quality is relatively good, the design is reasonable, the installation is simple, the process is novel, and only one person is needed to operate one device, saving time, effort and labor. While increasing the sense of gluten of dried tofu, the production volume is increased.

The equipment can be configured according to individual needs. The better the production line of the dried tofu machine, the easier it will be to work. The damage rate of the dried tofu is low, and the quality and quantity are preserved. Is a good product in dried tofu. Under the impact of the financial crisis, the food industry is less affected by its novelty, especially our common foods, such as dried tofu, tofu, etc.!