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Tofu production line provides guarantee for output

In the past, the production of tofu and dried tofu in our country mainly relied on manual operations, with high labor intensity, low efficiency, and unstable quality of tofu and dried tofu. With the development of science and technology, scientific research departments and production units have joined forces to successively develop and produce tofu production lines suitable for production applications of different production scales, providing technical guarantee for improving the output and quality of tofu and dried tofu in China.

Since there are many manufacturers and models of tofu and dried tofu processing machinery in China, in order to facilitate the reasonable selection of tofu production lines for enterprises of different production scales, here are a variety of machinery used in the processing of tofu and dried tofu Soybean production enterprises choose their production equipment reasonably.

1. Selection and treatment of water quality

For tofu production, water quality is very important. Tofu made from good water quality will also taste good. Tofu in many areas is named with water, such as Gangou Spring Tofu made by Gangou Spring customers Formed a brand. If the water quality is not good, but you want to make tofu, you can use a water filter device, which is used after treatment.

2. Refiner

No matter what kind of bean products are made, refining is indispensable. The water in the refining is proportional to the beans. Changqinglong vacuum suction bean refining machine has many customers. The equipment is powered by a vortex air pump to remove beans from the bean storage bucket It is automatically transported to the refining machine. There is an induction device at the top of the refining bean storage bucket. The automatic refining and transportation of beans guarantees the continuity of refining.

The quality of the refiner is also related to your pulping rate. The pulping rate is related to your output. The pulping process of the refiner is to grind the soaked soybeans to facilitate the extraction of protein from the soybeans. The finer the better, the soybean milk concentration refiner can be adjusted to directly separate the pulp residue, which is faster and more convenient.