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Five advantages of automatic biscuit maker

Five advantages of automatic biscuit maker:

  1. Fresh taste, soft and delicious.

  2. The efficiency is very high. This product changes the disadvantages of the traditional hanging furnace biscuit: low efficiency, easy to burn hands, high labor intensity, carbonization of the bottom of the cake, and hardening after cooling. There are about 1}}, which can't meet the customer's needs. The automatic biscuit machine processes more than 300 per hour, which greatly saves human resources. Labor is cost, which saves 2-3 workers than traditional methods.

  3. Beautiful and hygienic, the use of liquefied gas combustion instead of charcoal grilling solves the problems of unhygienic charcoal fire and inconvenience of use. At the same time, it draws on the bread infrared grilling equipment to further provide the characteristics of the outer coke inside of a traditional biscuit. Excellent steel, no deformation at high temperature, good appearance

  4. Production standardization, unified mold, process, unified taste, unified store image.

  5. The prospect is broad, and the converter biscuits are Qilu earth-flavored snacks. It has the characteristics of thinness, penetration, tendon and fragrance. Pure flavor, smooth taste, suitable for all ages. According to statistics, in China, the daily sales of biscuits are consumables other than buns, so the market is very broad.

The advantages of the new converter biscuits:

The production process has basically been mechanized, which greatly reduces the labor intensity and improves the labor efficiency; using the infrared grilling method, the baking temperature is better controlled; the novel formula makes the baked converter biscuits have the characteristics of traditional biscuits and It also has the aroma of bread; the characteristics of the automatic biscuits machine make the baked biscuits have the effect of external coke and tenderness.