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Dry tofu machine R & D background and technical description

This article introduces you to a soy product production equipment, especially a dry tofu machine, which can continuously produce and eliminate tofu packages.

Dried tofu, also known as "leaf", "thousand sheets". In the existing automatic production process of dried tofu, after the solidifying step of cooked pulp, it mainly includes several steps of brain breaking, pouring, pressing, stripping, cooling, sterilizing, trimming and packaging. In the current production process of thousands of tofu, a "tofu bag" made of one kind of gauze is inseparable.

The so-called automatic dry tofu machine is to pour the tofu brain in the middle of the two layers of tofu with a brain splashing machine, and repeatedly fold it, after a certain thickness, squeeze the excess water with the press, after the pressing is completed, the pressing step is finished after the cloth stripping step The dried tofu is taken out manually from the two layers of tofu. After cooling, sterilizing, cutting the burrs and forming, and then packing, the gauze of the tofu is rolled up and recycled. Labor-intensive and labor-intensive. At the same time, the tofu package must be strictly cleaned and sterilized after each use, otherwise it will seriously affect the quality of the dried tofu. This process requires a lot of alkaline water and a lot of drying space.

The technical solution adopted is:

Continuous pressing dry tofu machine, including frame, upper filter belt, upper filter belt circulation roller system, lower filter belt, lower filter belt circulation roller system, automatic pouring device, continuous pressure drying device, cooling device. Dry tofu peeling device, automatic Cutting device, automatic stacking device, filter belt cleaning device and filter belt drying device.

The upper filter belt and the lower filter belt are composed of food-grade stainless steel mesh belts.The upper filter belt roller guides, tensions and drives the upper filter belt; the lower filter belt roller guides, tensions and drives the lower filter belt: The upper filter belt roller system and the lower filter belt roller system are installed on the frame, and the axles of the plurality of upper filter belt guide wheels and the plurality of lower filter belt guide wheels are respectively supported by bearings installed in the shaft seats on the frame .