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Talking about the product characteristics of small tofu machine

After understanding the performance characteristics of equipment such as small tofu machines and small automatic tofu machines, many friends think that they are very suitable for their soy product processing workshops. Friends will find different types of equipment in the market. The price of small automatic tofu machine is very different. This is actually directly related to the model you choose.

In the process of use, many users will have some mistakes in operation because they don't know much about the small automatic tofu machine. In response to this situation, small automatic tofu machine manufacturers will teach you the operation methods and precautions, so that every friend who buys equipment can learn knowledge, increase some understanding of the small tofu machine, and reduce the occurrence of failures during the operation.

Product features of small tofu machine:

  1 、 The small automatic tofu machine is easy to learn and easy to learn, and it can be done automatically by peeling, pressing and peeling.

  2. The key components are made of 304 stainless steel, meeting hygienic standards.

  3 The thin and thick tofu produced is uniform and tough, and the thickness is adjustable and the taste is good.

  4, small footprint, simple operation without easy fasteners, one person can operate.

  5, automatic folding, automatic peeling function.

  6, ordinary type, easy to clean, save time and effort.