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Why do people develop automatic biscuit machine to liberate labor

In recent years, people's life rhythm is getting faster and faster. Usually people need some healthy and affordable fast food in a hurry, and pancake is one of the more appropriate economic fast food. In this way, the demand for food such as pancakes and omelettes will increase greatly. On the one hand, the efficiency of the manual production is relatively low, and on the other hand, the labor intensity is very large. In response to this situation, there is a great need to developFully automatic biscuit makerTo improve the production efficiency of cakes and liberate labor.

At present, there have been some research results in the research of automatic cake making devices. One of the more famous ones is a pan-fried pancake machine.Although this machine is relatively mature, due to its intermittent motion and gripping motion are achieved through electronic, hydraulic and pneumatic, plus the environment for making cake If it is wet, the stability of various electronic components will be very high, and the cost will be high, so that its price will be very high. Therefore, the machine is difficult to be popularized in various parts of our country.

In view of the high price of automatic biscuits, it is difficult to promote this status quo, from the perspective of changing the way it achieves movement and reducing manufacturing costs, a new set of sports solutions that can greatly reduce its manufacturing costs is proposed. Carry out detailed design, and then draw a three-dimensional model with SolidWorks, perform motion simulation, and evaluate this set of motion schemes.

Fully automatic biscuit machine uses the overall three-dimensional model drawn by SolidWorks. The device is mainly divided into three modules: one is the brush surface module, its function is to brush the cake making raw materials on the heating furnace; the second is the heating module, its function is The raw materials are heated into biscuits; the third is a chipping module, whose function is to take the finished biscuits from the furnace and place them on the conveyor belt.