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Process flow of imitation handmade bean hull machine

Tofu skin is a traditional soybean product of the Han nationality, and there are many famous dishes in southern and northern China. The tofu skin processed by traditional technology has not kept pace with the sale of tofu skin, and its efficiency and output are far behind that of mechanized production. However, the hand-made tofu skin produced by the hand-made tofu skin machine has been meticulously improved in color, aroma, and taste to make the tofu skin more hygienic! Due to the fact that the retail prices of production factors such as labor force and raw materials have risen linearly, the sales market for soybean products is very large, the population of China is large, the consumption of soybean products is large, and the soybean product market is unsaturated.

Process flow of imitation handmade bean hull machine:

  1, selection of materials: the quality of soybeans, as well as differences in origin, the oil content of soybeans, all affect the toughness and quality of tofu skin.

  2 、 Bean beans: The time of bean beans changes according to the temperature. Generally, the time of hot bean beans in summer is 4 — 6 hours, and the cold days in winter are 10 hours about.

  3 Refining: The size (power size) of the refiner directly affects the pulping rate. Now divide the soaked soybeans into the funnel of the refiner, pour the water into it while pouring Turn on the refining machine, soy milk needs to be ground, otherwise it will affect the quality of tofu skin.

  4, boiled pulp: boiled pulp with ground pot boiled pulp, boiler steam boiled pulp, electric heating boiled pulp and other methods, commonly used boiler boiling method, this method, boiled pulp time is short, fast , Low cost and other advantages.

  5, point pulp: point pulp has brine, hydrated gypsum, raw gypsum, lactone, acid water, etc. Tofu brain of tofu skin needs to have a slightly thinner brain, which helps to increase production.

  6, imitation handmade bean hull machine process-brain breaking, pulping, conveying, folding, pressing, peeling cloth.