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In the era of machine automation, automatic oil skin machine is used

The era of machine automation has arrived, are you still making yuba by hand at home? Are you still exposing one by one? Already out, let the editor introduce you to the fully automatic yuba oil skin machine.

A customer, because of the small workshop area at home, if you want to put into production a manual line yuba oil skin machine, plus a refiner, a cooking machine, a molding machine, a drying room and other equipment is not enough. So I was looking for a yuba machine that can save area but bring about the same benefits, and found us.

Qingzhou Jinfuwang Food Machinery Co., Ltd. has developed a manual yuba oil skin machine with automatic drying, that is to say, the machine does not need to establish an additional drying room. dry. And in the case of sufficient steam, drying is faster and more convenient.

The oil skin machine is very simple to operate, as long as 1 people can easily loosen the skin

Production method of yuba oil skin

  1 Soak the soybeans for more than 6 hours to protect the soybeans from swelling.

  2. Use a blender to make soybean milk with water to make soybean milk.

  3, and filter with gauze bag.

  4. The filtered soy milk is heated to boiling with a small pot of water, continue to cook on a small fire, keeping the water in the large pot in a slightly boiling state.

  5 Slowly, a layer of skin will form on the surface of soy milk, and that is the yuba we want.

  6 、 Pinch gently with your hands, do not let your hands go deeper, or you will feel hot.

  7, put the dried yuba on the hanger and let it dry in the sun. And so on, after finishing one layer and waiting for the next layer.