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Tofu production line needs to take precautions under high temperature

The current weather is still very cold, and the tofu production line will not encounter too many obstacles if it takes good protective measures during the production process, but if it is not done in hot weather, the protective measures will also cause the production line It has a great impact, and even affects the quality of tofu production. So what precautions need to be taken in high temperature weather? Please read the following together.

1. The harm of high temperature to the tofu production line:

The current weather is still hot. When producing tofu, the production line needs to be kept running, and the temperature in the workshop will also follow. If you let the tofu machine work at high temperature, it will cause related adverse effects on the machine. Accelerate the damage of parts and seriously affect the production quality of tofu. Regarding the adverse effects of high temperature on the production line, we have compiled the following articles for your reference. The impact of a high temperature on the automatic tofu machine insists on using the production line in a high temperature, which will not only accelerate the damage of parts, but also cause safety accidents in serious cases. Tofu produced at high temperatures is prone to mildew, which is exposed to heat The pH of the soybean milk will gradually decrease due to the decomposition of organic matter, and the higher the temperature, the faster the decline. If the pH of the soybean milk is lower than 62, the soybean milk will appear and the surface crust will not crack into pieces.

2. How to avoid the impact of high temperature on the tofu production line:

  1. Arrange working hours reasonably and reduce labor intensity. Try not to work at a time when the temperature is high. Processing workers pay more attention to drinking water during work and arrange personnel to alternate work.

  2. Equipped with heatstroke prevention, such as Rendan, Qingliangyou, Fengyoujing, etc., check each worker ’s heatstroke prevention and cooling items. Once the person has heatstroke, they should be dealt with in time and take a rest.

  3 Strengthen the heatstroke prevention and cooling of the site. Since the production lines are mostly open-air operations, the site should be sprinkled with water every hour. Yes, try to avoid the equipment being exposed to the sun, diligently check the heat dissipation of electrical circuits and motors, and refuel related equipment in time.

  4. Let the production line "combine with work and rest", stop working and rest after a period of time, timely repair the tofu machine that has problems, try to start in a cool and ventilated place, and frequently check the internal parts to properly cool the equipment. .

  5. Do a good job in the fire prevention of the tofu production line, because the high temperature and hot weather are very dry, and fire extinguishers and other fire fighting equipment should be carefully checked.