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Process flow introduction of tofu production line

Tofu production line is a kind of mechanized equipment. Using the production line can save labor and effectively increase the production of tofu. According to our understanding, there are many manufacturers of tofu production lines, and each manufacturer's technology is different. When we choose, we must choose a manufacturer with good qualifications, so that the equipment can have a higher guarantee, and also reduce a lot of subsequent troubles.

Process flow of tofu production line

  1. Bubble beans: The ratio of bubble beans to water is 1: 1 0, 6-8 hours in summer and 8-1 0 hours in winter.

  2. Grinding: Put the soaked beans into the funnel little by little and grind with water. Soymilk enters the pulp bucket, and soybean dregs enter the dregs bucket. In order to make full use of the protein in soybeans, okara was ground three times.

  3. Pulping: Turn on the suction switch, pull the ground soybean milk into the pulping barrel, turn on the heating switch, and set the temperature to 100 degrees Celsius with a temperature setter to heat the soybean milk. After boiling, the soy milk can be cooked for 5 minutes.

  4. Pulping: Put the soymilk into the bucket and connect it with the pulping tofu machine. The pulp-making tofu machine sucks the soybean milk into the machine through a vacuum pump, and at the same time, the brain is pointed at the box. Usually 2 minutes will set. And will not lose water, to ensure the production of tofu.

  5. Packaging. After the tofu has set, it does not need to be pressed. Put it directly into the tofu rack and transport it directly for sale.