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Briefly introduce how to use the automatic tofu machine

Tofu is the main raw material of vegetarian dishes in China. Tofu has a long history. Its main raw materials are beans, mung beans, white beans, peas and other beans. Hand-made tofu tastes mellow, but it is a waste of time. The market demand, the tofu machine is gradually born, the automatic tofu machine is one of the more popular tofu machines, it effectively expands production and reduces production costs.

Multi-function tofu machine is a common tofu machine equipment, it is very popular in the soy products processing industry, the processing efficiency of tofu machine is also very high. The tofu processed by the multi-function tofu machine has white and tender color and soft taste, which is very popular among users.

How to use the automatic tofu machine:

  1 Check the tofu machine for electrical leakage before use. Turn on the tofu machine after it is fully normal.

  2. Clean the soybeans and put them in the crusher hopper, and check whether there are impurities in the soybeans, and clean them up.

  3. Turn on the faucet and inject about one-third of the water into the tank, and then turn on the grinder switch to pull out the isolation plate at the bottom of the tank to let soybeans enter the gear.

After   4 and 1 milling to 2 minutes, start the circulation pump and grind with fine powder.

  5, start the filter switch and mobile pump switch, and flow into the heating pot through the filtered soybean paste.

  6, wash away the residues of residues, and turn off the switch of the automatic tofu machine. Never wash the electrical parts with water to avoid the risk of leakage.