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Imitation handmade bean hull machine brings gospel to bean hull lovers

Now, the imitation hand-made bean skin machine not only replaces the traditional bean curd skin machine, but also replaces the traditional hand-made workshop and becomes a new production power. The so-called Lingken tofu machine tofu skin machine, that is, on the premise of meeting the national food hygiene standards, factory-style automated production of tofu skin, covers a small area, high degree of automation, one-hour production efficiency is equivalent to handmade {{0} } Times, the entire production process replaces manual production models.

The thickness of the tofu skin can be adjusted by the imitation handmade bean skin machine. Generally, it can be made from 1. {{1}} mm to 8 mm, and even {{0 }} Cm thick. Many places can even use it to make dried tofu. The name of Lingken Tofu Machine Tofu Skin Machine is similar to that of hand-made tofu skin. When it produces tofu skin, it adopts artificial brain splashing method. Each layer of brain splash is covered with a cloth, which is similar to manual brain splashing, and the brain splashing is even, and the tofu skin is made with a uniform thickness The four corners are rounded, similar to traditional hand-made tofu skin, not only that. The tofu skin produced by the tofu skin machine also exceeds the traditional hand-made tofu skin in taste, and has higher nutritional value.

The imitation handmade soybean hull machine on the market today can be operated by one or two people, with a daily output of 2500-3000 kg and a small area. One machine is versatile and has a high degree of automation. It realizes automatic suction, automatic brain throwing, automatic transmission, pressing and molding, which is simple and convenient. And it only takes about half an hour from the soybean raw material to the finished product, which is easy and convenient.

The emergence of imitation handmade bean skin machine not only liberated the productivity, replaced the artificial bean curd skin machine, but also solved the dirty and poor sanitary conditions, and the tofu skin made was more nutritious. The high-temperature steam heating cooking process effectively prevents the destruction of protein, avoids the soy milk smell of burning, maintains the original nutritional content and taste of soybean milk, and makes the tofu skin more delicious. It also brings the gospel to more tofu skin lovers.