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Instructions for use of automatic tofu machine

Instructions for use of automatic tofu machine

  1. Open the manual water inlet valve on the control panel and open the tap water valve. During the process of adding tap water to the water tank, please observe the water level through the glass tube on the control panel. When the water level reaches the upper limit, please close the manual inlet Water valve.

  2, first turn on the refining switch for 1-2 minutes, then turn on the high-end faucet switch, while adjusting the amount of water, pour the soybeans into the funnel, the amount of water is loose with the okara discharged from the residue outlet It is advisable to turn off the tall water faucet after refining, and then let the refiner empty for 3-5 minutes before it can be closed to ensure the service life of the refiner.

(2) Cooking and making soy milk:

  1, cover the soy milk bucket cover first,

  2, turn on the power and air source, press the heating switch, the heating indicator lights, and the machine starts to heat up

  3. During the heating process, check whether the water level is normal through the glass tube on the control panel (the water level must reach the upper limit water level of the water level mark). Higher than the lower water mark.

  4 After the soy milk is cooked, put the white sugar (add other ingredients when needed) into the storage bucket,

Place the container under the outlet and slowly open the slurry valve to dispense slurry.

(3) Cleaning and shutdown:

After the soymilk in the machine is finished, clean it according to the following requirements:

  1, electric grinder: (clean every time or no longer continuous grinding on the same day.) Open the grinding cover, remove the residue, if necessary, remove the filter screen to clean, after washing, restore the electric grinder and hopper , Press the motor switch to stop grinding after 1-2 minutes.

Boil the slurry barrel and the steam out tube in the barrel (clean every three times or every time when it is not continuous or not done on the day). Remove the steam outlet tube, clean the boiling barrel with water, dredge the upper hole on the tube, wash and dry it, then install it. Shutdown: After the above work is completed, turn off the power switch of the automatic tofu machine, turn off the milk valve, raise the faucet, the inlet valve, and open the drain valve to discharge the water in the steam bag.