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Brief introduction of the characteristics of automatic yuba oil skin machine

Recently, Russian customers have purchased two production lines of fully-automatic yuba oil skin machine at a time, and 1 people can operate the production. In fact, the more fully automatic yuba production line, the more labor-saving, the more labor-saving.

Let's analyze it: one line 1 people can see, two lines 1 people can still watch, 3 lines 1 still have no problem. One line and three lines are operated by one person, but the production capacity has increased by 3 times. Sooner or later, the market will be opened, so why not choose a good plan?

Features of automatic yuba machine:

  1. The yuba production line is made of stainless steel;

  2. The yuba production line automatically peels, automatically dries, automatically folds, (automatically cuts) the degree of drying can be controlled;

  3 The dry humidity of Yuba oil skin can be controlled freely, and the thickness of the skin can be adjusted automatically;

  4, the production volume is adjustable, and the peeling is faster;

  5, novel design, reasonable structure, time and labor saving, energy saving efficiency;

  6 The one-step molding method is adopted, with high degree of automation and easy operation;

  7, the produced yuba has bright color, even branches, delicious taste and high nutrition.

Automatic yuba oil skin machine with automatic drying, automatic peeling function, 1-2 can be operated by people, the whole machine is made of stainless steel, and the contact area with soybean milk oil skin is all made of food-grade stainless steel, producing oil skin quality, keeping the traditional equipment The first 5 sheets of oil skin can reach 0. 2 mm in thickness and 0. 8 mm in thickness. The production line of yuba oil leather machine turns the pulley by hand to confirm that each transmission system is in a normal volt state and enters normal operation after achieving satisfactory results.