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What are the characteristics of tofu production line?

Tofu is very rich in nutrients and delicious in taste. It is a favorite food for many families every day. China's population base is so huge that it can't meet the food demand only by manual production. Therefore, a variety of tofu production machinery and equipment have been developed. Let's take a look belowTofu production linespecialty.

  1. One machine with multiple uses: made of stainless steel, combined with biological engineering anti-vandalism technology, in line with green edible standards, can produce soy milk tofu flowers, a variety of tofu and soy products, environmental protection and sanitation, small footprint, save time and effort :

  2. New technology, new design: adopt automatic control system, automatic operation in the whole process, and also add digital temperature automatic controller, at the same time set the temperature required for different products by itself, with automatic reminder alarm function.

Qingzhou Jinfuwang Food Machinery Co., Ltd. has many years of experience in making tofu, high-tech and preferential prices, making our company become a full-automatic tofu machine, dried tofu machine, tofu skin machine, dried tofu machine, tofu production line and complete equipment Tofu machine enterprise.

The new machine for making tofu skin, the equipment for making tofu skin automatically, the motors used in the overall machine type of the tofu production line are all original motors, and the power supply uses 220 v or 380 v voltage, complete The machine covers an area of ​​10-15 square meters, has the characteristics of less investment, high efficiency, and faster return.It is especially suitable for urban residents to start their own businesses, and is a good helper for getting rich!

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