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Our automatic tofu machine has less investment and quicker return. Why not?

Automatic tofu machineThe operation is simple, automatic operation, one person can produce, reducing the investment cost of manpower and material resources; the tofu skin equipment is made of food-grade stainless steel, safe and hygienic, long service life, and the produced product has a delicate taste and adjustable thickness; The captain of the tofu skin 2. 7 has a small area and does not need to build a large plant to reduce investment. The automatic tofu machine saves energy and the return on investment is quicker. Why not do it?

Automatic pulping: The automatic tofu machine can realize automatic pulping as long as the switch is lightly pressed, which greatly saves labor and improves production efficiency.

Automatic beating: The automatic tofu machine is equipped with a speed control switch, which can automatically adjust the beating speed as needed, beating evenly and finely, and laying a good foundation for the subsequent production of excellent tofu skin.

To boil the pulp, put the ground pulp in a stainless steel boiled pulp barrel, and boil the pulp with steam to 60 oC-70oC, put it in about 0. {{3}} The defoamer eliminates all the bubbles that occur during the heating process and stops. Then continue to heat and boil the pulp. After the pulp is jubilant, keep it for {{3} minutes — 5 minutes to boil the pulp.