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Dry tofu machine increases tofu production output

One of the healthier things in the world is our common tofu. Tofu is very rich in nutrients. It contains iron, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and other trace elements needed by the human body. It also contains sugar, vegetable oil and rich excellent proteins. Known as "plant flesh". The biological value of soybean protein is similar to that of fish, and it is the best among plant proteins. Let's take a look at today's protagonist-dry tofu machine.

Tofu, as a relatively common ingredient in our lives, not only has a variety of cooking techniques, but also extends the deep processing series. Although it does not stand out in life, it originates from life, integrates into life, and becomes an integral part of healthy eating habits.

When it comes to the nutrition of soy products, soybeans contain about 18% of the fat, most of which can be transferred to tofu. The proportion of linoleic acid in soybean oil is large, and it does not contain cholesterol, which is beneficial to the growth and development of human nerves, blood vessels and brain. Tofu does not contain cholesterol and is a good herbal diet.

In traditional tofu production, many steps require a high technical level and cumbersome operation process. For example, the step of refining requires manual promotion of stone milling. Now, the place where the traditional tofu production is experienced still uses stone. For grinding soybean milk, most of them are changed to a pulp mill with automatic separation of pulp and slag, which can be milled 3 once and directly output the pulp, which greatly improves the pulping rate and the yield of tofu.

The production process of dried tofu is similar to that of tofu. Generally, those who make tofu are also engaged in the production of dried tofu. Making dried tofu is much more complicated than tofu. The traditional method is to use artificial to throw the brain. The dried tofu is thin and thick, and it can be sold separately, but not in large quantities.

With the development of the soy products industry, the equipment for making dried tofu and tofu is constantly being innovated and improved. Among them, the research and development and production of dried tofu machines have solved the big problems in the production of dried tofu. The brain is mechanically finished, the mechanical splashing is uniform, the thickness is adjustable, the taste is strong, and the wet and dry can be controlled.

Dry tofu is made with a dry tofu machine. Depending on the model, large dry tofu machines can produce 300 kg of soybeans per hour, medium-sized can produce 120 kg of soybeans per hour, and small equipment can produce 120 per hour 2}} Jian soybeans, imitation hand-dried tofu machine can produce 40 kg soybeans per hour.