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The advantages of automatic biscuit maker

Cookies are a seasonal business. It is popular in spring, summer, autumn and winter. So, what kind of pancake machine can make the pancake delicious, fast and delicious? A novel automatic biscuit machine came into being!

  1. Diverse tastes and neat shapes

The food is good or not, the key is whether it is good or not. Automatic pancake maker is different from manual pancake maker. It can easily change the taste according to the needs of customers. It can make beef, lamb, chicken, ribs, cumin, spicy, sweet flavor. There are many flavors, and the shape is neat, the appearance is uniform, the appearance is beautiful, and the appetite is greatly increased. At the same time, the constant temperature baking is adopted, the color is uniform, the outer focus is delicate, crispy and delicious, I want to eat.

  2. Greatly reduce labor cost

The price of biscuits includes most of the labor costs, such as two people making biscuits. You can make 300-500 biscuits every day. The average salary is $ {{1}} per month. The labor cost of each cookie is 0. 1 yuan. Using automatic biscuit machine, a group of two people can produce 6000 biscuits, which is more than 0 times the efficiency of manual work 1. For each pizza, the labor cost is less than 1 points, and the labor cost is reduced by 1 0 times.

  3. Sanitation

I don't know if you have seen the roadside baker, who sweats in the summer and keeps wiping his hands. Winter is bitter and cold. They kept blowing their noses. Imagine they stopped washing their hands after wiping their sweat or blowing their noses? Spring and autumn are neither cold nor hot, but it is the season of strong wind, dust and sky, and the people who make pancakes lose money to make pancakes. Can the pancakes be clean?

  4. Save time and effort

Two people can make 500 thin pancakes made by hand. All day, backache and backache. Every day someone rushes to buy it, too tired.

With the automatic biscuit maker, you only need to feed the noodles from one end, and you do n’t need to do anything. On the other end, the burnt yellow biscuit will continue to fall out.