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Characteristics and equipment composition of imitation handmade bean hull machine

Imitation handmade bean hull machineFeatures:

  1. Complete pulping facilities to achieve the integration of soymilk residue removal, higher purity, less residue, thicker pulp, faster speed and other features!

  2. The equipment adopts boiler pulping, the operation technology is simple and easy to understand, and the effect of high efficiency and good taste is achieved!

  3. The pulping technology realizes salt water, gypsum, lactone, and a variety of pulping methods. The taste, gloss, elasticity, and toughness of the product can be compared with that by hand!

  4. The flesh-spraying facility is complete, and the imitation hand-made bean hull machine imitates the hand-made, so that the skin is evenly sprayed, without thick edges, burrs, and no cut edges!

  5. The stamping equipment is complete. After the customer's response, our factory uses a fully automatic hydraulic machine, which is simple and practical, convenient and fast, and has a lot of pressure!

  6. Complete unpacking facilities, unsupported, automatic unpacking, no skin rot.

Equipment advantages:

  1. Simple operation, lighting power supply, energy saving, low energy consumption, easy to use and fast operation.

  2. Multi-function machine: The same raw material can produce 3320 kg of different products per hour. Double operation, automatic folding, separation, saving time and effort.

  3. Provide production processes and high-yield formulas. The machine is free for one year and will be maintained for life.

The host of imitation handmade bean hull machine includes:

(1) Conveyor (Pouring length 4. 5 meters, with motor) Channel steel frame, roller, one person operation, automatic feeding, adjustable thickness and width

(2) Peeling machine (peeling machine, which can also be taken up once out of the box) peeling 2 00 kg per hour.

(3) Brain stirrer (with motor)

(4) Automatic folding machine

(5) The tofu skin machine and tofu brain are made of stainless steel to make the product cleaner and healthier.

The imitation handmade bean hull machine consists of four parts:

Automatic nozzle, conveyor folding machine, stamping forming machine, automatic peeling machine!

This machine can automatically stir the brain, throw the brain, feed, press the skin, peel the skin, etc. at once.