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Introduction of automatic tofu machine

Tofu originated in China and was introduced to Japan in the Tang Dynasty. Later, the Japanese introduced tofu production technology with modern high technology, which enriched the tofu cuisine and made tofu, a traditional dish colorful. As early as the 80 years, boxed Japanese tofu entered the Chinese market, which had a big impact on the traditional large-plate gypsum tofu. Many small-scale soybean products factories across the country have used automatic tofu machines to convert boxed Japanese tofu. Many individual investors and soy products companies have made a fortune by making boxed Japanese tofu through the production mechanism and made a fortune, and their careers have started.

Introduction of automatic tofu machine

Today, the rise of Japanese tofu will provide investors with a good opportunity to develop again. The automatic tofu machine uses eggs as raw materials and is scientifically formulated. Each 120 gram has a cost of 0.2 6- 0. 3 yuan, the selling price is 5, a pound of eggs can produce 1 5 sticks, and the shelf life is 6 months (for reference only, the specific situation depends on the local market Fixed), rich in nutrients, fresh and delicious taste, feast dishes, can be cold, fried, fried, fried, soup, stewed dishes, two people per day 5 00, can also produce fat tofu, and Various bags of beverage milk etc.

Process flow of automatic tofu machine:

Selection of materials: The quality, origin and oil content of soybeans are directly related to the color, yield and quality of tofu. Choose white pea beans with full grains, no rotten beans, no watercress, no worms, thin skin, and low oil content.

Pickled beans: The time for pickled beans is adjusted according to the seasons. Generally, the pickled beans time in summer is 4 ~ 6 hours, and in winter it is about 10 hours.

Refining: The size (power) of the refiner directly affects the pulping rate of the automatic tofu machine. Now the soaked soybeans are divided into a good amount and poured into the funnel of the refiner. Machine, this time called 1 slag pass, the gap between the static grinding wheel and the moving grinding wheel is slightly larger, so that the slag ground by it has a rough feeling, and it needs to be tightened when the slag is passed twice Grinding the gap between the dynamic and static grinding wheels, grinding out the fine slag, then mixing the water and homogenizing the tofu residue, and performing the third grinding again.