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Invest in a small tofu machine and make money or not?

I bought a small tofu machine and made more than 100,000 yuan a year. Jiang Moule, who was penniless, opened her arms.

The college entrance examination failed and Jiang Mou couldn't repeat his exams in the face of his elderly parents. Because his brother's marriage has exhausted his parents' life savings, and also put on a debt. He had no choice but to carry his suitcase and followed his fellow countrymen on the road to work. No education, no skills, looking for work everywhere, and after a lot of setbacks, he finally entered a clothing factory under the introduction of his fellow to do heavy handyman, carrying heavy denim every day, and he was tired all over the day. . The strong-willed he was not intimidated by the difficulties, and made a determination: I want to change the status quo, and my destiny must be created by myself!

In addition to working hard every day, he also worked hard to learn a variety of skills from the old employees. He was quickly recognized by the factory leaders, and he was replaced. His job was easier and his income was more. Unconsciously, I have been working for more than a year, and he is not restless. He feels that this is not the end-he wants to start a business. So, after work every day, he always walked around the factory, looked at the shops on both sides of the street, opened his eyes to find business opportunities.

Inadvertently, he found that a breakfast shop had a very good business. Soy milk in other breakfast shops is very thin, with only a little soy flavor, and in this shop, customers can see the whole production process of soy milk and bean flowers, a fragrant soy milk for one yuan a cup, a fragrant smooth bean curd for 51 bowls There are also nutritious and healthy crispy okara cakes, and the wage earners are rushing to eat them. So, he went to this restaurant for breakfast every day, and used this time to observe what was happening, and quickly found out the reason. It turned out that these sweet and delicious soy milk and bean curd were made by a small tofu machine. This small tofu machine occupies a small area, is easy to operate, safe and clean.

Seeing the store owner with a happy smile every day, he began to be emotional, so he began to inquire where the machine in the store was bought, but the store owner was afraid that he would become a competitor and he was always reluctant to say. One night, when he saw that the shop was doing hygiene and was ready to close the file, he took the initiative to help and unwilling to work for a lifetime. He just wanted to accumulate some money to go home and develop in his hometown, relying on his own ability to realize a college dream and tell it The shop owner. The store owner was impressed by his sincerity, and then told him that the machine was produced by Qingzhou Jinfuwang Food Machinery Co., Ltd.