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Characteristics of dried bean machine

Today we take a look at the characteristics of dried bean machine:

  1. The cooked soy milk is made into dried soybeans through pulping, coagulation and pressing molding;

  2, mechanical automation, automatic grinding, automatic cooking, high output, fast speed, simple operation, as long as 1-2 people can operate; 0010010 nbsp;

  3. The dried bean machine is made of excellent stainless steel, which meets the hygiene standards. Novel technology, reliable quality and durability. 0010010 nbsp;

  4, realized the production process automation, high efficiency, time saving, low energy consumption, small footprint, and no noise;

  5, dried tofu produced by tofu dryer, mellow bean curd, strong taste. 0010010 nbsp;

Features of automatic dried bean machine:

  1, automatic suppression during the whole process, human-controlled mechanical operation;

  2. The pressing procedure can be set according to different requirements.

  3 The thickness of dried dried beans is even and the water content is the same.

How to make dried spiced tofu:

Ingredients: Dried tofu, concentrated marinade with ribs. 0010010 nbsp;

  1. After buying the dried tofu, wash it and blush it. Remove beany.

  2, then pickle. It is marinated in brine for a while to facilitate the taste. 0010010 nbsp;

  3, the small dried tofu does not need to be pickled. People with a weak taste probably don't need to be pickled. 0010010 nbsp;

  4. Pour appropriate amount of water into the pot and dilute with concentrated brine of Liao Ribs. Boil dry. 0010010 nbsp;

  5, add boiled tofu to boil when the prepared brine is boiled, the water level should be just over the dried tofu. 0010010 nbsp;

  6, cooked in a casserole at this time, about 20 minutes, take a dried bean to observe, if the color is brown and red, and delicious, you can take it out. 0010010

  7, can be turned gently when cooking. The cooking time is longer and more delicious. 0010010 nbsp;

  8. If there are powdered spices such as five-spice powder, it needs to be cooked in dry tofu and then put in.

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