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The function and characteristics of slag loading machine

The slag loading machine (also called automatic slag mixing machine) draws the ground okara directly into the bucket and mixes with the water, and then automatically pumps it to the inlet of the refiner for the next grinding. In other words, after the automatic slag loading machine, the slag produced by the refiner does not need to be manually added with water and stirred and then put into the refiner for grinding. It is mechanically stirred and automatically added to the refiner for grinding, which can reduce the labor of workers The strength and speed become faster, which is better for large processing output.

The role of slag loading machine:

The slag loading machine is a targeted tool in conjunction with the production process of soybean products. Generally, the refining must be ground three times to grind the slurry in the soybean milk. Add slag, physical labor is very large, and the speed is slow. Using the automatic slag loading machine can achieve automatic slag stirring, automatically pumping slag into the refiner, improving work efficiency and reducing labor intensity.

Features of tofu slag machine:

①The tofu slag filling machine has a small area, easy to operate, reasonable structure, humanized design, stainless steel material, beautiful appearance, uniform slag mixing, and greatly improves the amount of juice (according to different products can increase the output 10% to { {1}}%).

②The slag loading machine is suitable for mixing a variety of soybean products with thin residue and thick slag, saving time, effort and labor. High efficiency, it can be used with one or two refiners in a single machine, or can be used with three refiners in a double machine, with stable performance.

③The speed of slag suction by slag loading machine can be controlled at will, suitable for use with various types of refiners. Voltage: Both 220 volts and 380 volts. It can be customized with 30 kg, 40 kg, 50 kg and other capacity okara mixers.

The slag loading machine is suitable for the processing of soybean products. The machine is made of all stainless steel and has the functions of stirring and automatic slag loading. It is composed of stainless steel slag barrel, slag suction pump, slurry barrel, automatic slag loading machine, and other circuit control systems. According to user needs to configure the size and volume of the barrel. The equipment is compact in structure, easy to operate, and can be continuously transported. 1 people can operate the production. The addition of an automatic slag loading machine makes people more labor-saving and achieves mechanized production.